Our Team

Antony Kinnear

"Delivering cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality."

Antony Kinnear brings over 11 years of experience within the ServiceNow sector, driving multiple companies forward through his expert command of the ServiceNow platform.

Beyond his technical acumen, he possesses an infectious enthusiasm and a warm character that keeps customers at ease and fosters positive relationships. 

With unwavering dedication, he wholeheartedly invests his passion and commitment into 1UP Solutions, propelling the company from one success to another, growing stronger with each stride.

Tod Perry

"Clear communication leaves no room for confusion."

Tod brings over a decade of diverse experience in recruitment and logistics, having worked with prominent blue-chip companies in the UK. 

Leveraging outstanding communication skills and a strong network, Tod’s role involves advising customers and resolving business challenges within the ServiceNow sector. 

With 2 years of experience in this domain, Tod has played a crucial role in delivering multiple successful implementations also as a technical consultant.

Adam Biggs

With a varied background Adam brings a diversity of knowledge from different industries and demographics, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for understanding how things work.

Adam will not rest until a problem is solved or a requirement is met and meets the highest standard. 

David Kinnear

I’m amazed by the world we live in today a technological miracle…

Beats playing marbles.